Sun Tv Rio Agreement

2.4.5 The subscriber`s unique subscriber reference number or subscription contract number; (x) Within thirty (30) days of the execution of this contract, The licensee undertakes to: to honour all outstanding obligations (including the filing of subscriber reports and payment of an amount due and to be paid by the licensee to SDSPL) under an earlier agreement between SDSPL and the licensee, otherwise SDSPL reserves the right to terminate this contract and disable the signals of the subscribed channels. (iv) the licensee may not authorize, provoke or suffer part of the channels recorded, duplicated, distributed by cable, issued or used for purposes other than distribution by the taker at the time of the provision of the channels. If the licensee is informed that an unauthorized third party records, reproduces, cables, delivers or otherwise uses one or more channels for other purposes, the licensee must, within 10 minutes of the publication of that recording, duplicate, cable cast, distribution or other use of one or all channels for other SDSPL purposes, and the licenseee must also disable the LTS in question in order to prevent this unauthorized use. However, the use of a STB with digital VCRs/magnetoscopes made available by the licensee should not be treated as an unauthorized use, provided that this STB is used in accordance with the terms of the subscription/licensing agreement between the licensee and the subscriber. (c) equal opportunities for channels of participation in events and actions organized by the licensee subject to a commercial agreement for each event. (x) If, in accordance with the mutual agreement between SDSPL and the licensee, if it is expected that sDSPL will issue a notice of charge or credit for a period already charged in order to adjust a differential amount of the SDSPL, this credit or credit is established by means of a sdspl calculation of that difference. The levies issued by SDSPL are paid by the licensee upon receipt (reception by email expressly authorized).