Consultancy Agreement In German

8.1 The awarding entity is responsible for the fact that TMC`s reports, notices, organizational charts, projects, drawings, lists and calculations established in the context of the contract are used only for contractual purposes and are not processed, translated, printed, transmitted or disseminated without TMC`s express written consent. The period of use of consulting services for client-related businesses must be subject to explicit written consent.8.2 To the extent that the results of the work are subject to copyright, TMC remains the copyright holder. In such cases, the client obtains irrevocable, exclusive and non-transferable use rights on the results of the work, which are obtained only by . 8.1, paragraph 1, and are otherwise unlimited in time and space. Finally, it should be noted that the manner in which the parties determine their contractual relationship is irrelevant. In particular, it is irrelevant to know how the parties organized their contractual relationship in the contractual documents, but how the contractual relationship is exercised in the day-to-day activity. Even if both parties are convinced that their contractual relationship constitutes a service agreement, it can continue to be regarded as an employment relationship by the courts and the German authorities and vice versa. Under German law, both contracts with independent contractors and contracts with employees are included in fabric service contracts. As a result, the two types of contracts have the same roots and are similar. Both are governed by German civil law, which is mainly defined in the BGB. The first step for many companies wishing to enter the U.S.

market is to hire a consultant in Services to help with the project. This standard contract provides a framework for defining the rights and responsibilities of the employment relationship between the German company and the US-based consultant for the provision of consulting services. The German translation is provided. 2.1 The purpose of the contract is contractual and described advice, not the achievement of a particular economic success.2.2 TMC provides its services according to the principles of prudent management and always according to the individual situation and needs of the client. The customer is aware that any analysis of a company or market is a source of uncertainty.2.3 TMC must employ and supervise well-qualified employees with the technical knowledge and experience required to execute orders. If there is no agreement to the contrary, TMC may employ subcontractors specialized in executing the contract, with TMC still liable directly to the customer.